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Chin Soo Fun

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Office:           HSS-02-13

Telephone:   6513 7638

E-mail:           sfchin@ntu.edu.sg​




Ms Chin joined Nanyang Technological University in 2007 as a Lecturer at the Language and Communication Centre. She obtained her Master of Arts in English Language from the National University of Singapore, specializing in Applied Linguistics, after she received a professional teaching qualification in TESOL. She typically teaches Professional Communication, Research Writing in the Social Sciences and English Proficiency. Ms Chin is interested in syllabus design, materials development and preparation, workplace communication, and education management.

Selected publications ​

Ng, A. C. C., Chan, S. K., Chin, S. F., Li, S. Y., & Leong, A. P. (2013). Resume Writing in the Real World – Do Business Communication Textbooks Really Give Good Advice? The Asian ​​ESP Journal 9(3), 74-97.

Chin, S. F., Chan, S. K., Li, S. Y., & Ng, A. C. C. Resume writing – comparing two perspectives to enhance classroom practice. The English Teacher (Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) XXXVIII, 95-110.​​