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Toh Koon Peng, Glenn




Senior Lecturer

Office:           HSS-03-30

Telephone: 65132757

E-mail: GKPToh@ntu.edu.sg​​

Dr Toh has taught English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language, and English for Specific and Academic Purposes in various locations in the Asia-Pacific including Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Singapore. He has also taught TEFL and TESOL teacher-training courses in different parts of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore. Prior to returning to Singapore, Dr Toh spent eight years in Japan teaching English as a Lingua Franca as well as business and academic writing at undergraduate and post-graduate level. His research interests are academic writing and literacies. 

Selected publications

Book and book ​chapters

Oda, M. & Toh, G. (forthcoming). Significant encounters and consequential eventualities: A joint narrative of collegiality marked by struggles against reductionism, essentialism and exclusion in ELT. In N. Rudolph & B. Yazan (Eds.), Teacher identities, privilege and marginalization in English Language Teaching. Springer.

Toh, G. (2016). English as medium of instruction in Japanese higher education: Presumption, mirage or bluff? Palgrave-McMillan.

Toh, G. (2015). English in Japan: Indecisions, inequalities, and practices of relocalization. In R. Tupas (Ed.), Unequal Englishes: The politics of Englishes today (pp. 111-129). London: Palgrave McMillan.

Toh, G. (2015). Teaching English for academic purposes in a Japanese setting: problematizing and dialogizing essentialist constructions of language pedagogy, culture and identity. In M. A. Peters & T. Besley (Eds.), Paulo Freire: The global legacy (pp. 335-350). New York: Peter Lang.

Toh, G. (2015). Dialogizing ‘the known’: experience of English teaching in Japan through an assay of derivatives as a dominant motif. In D. J. Rivers (Ed.), Resistance to the known: Counter-conduct in language education (pp. 144-167). Houndmills: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Journal articles

Toh, G. (2017). Japanese Graduate School Students’ Writing in English: Facilitating Pathways towards ‘Design’. Writing and Pedagogy, 8(3), 550-573.

Toh, G. (2016). Doing justice to an English as a Lingua Franca paradigm. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca, 5(2), 355-367.

Toh, G. (2016). Countering essentialist conceptualizations of content knowledge in a Japanese CLIL situation. LACLIL, 9(1), 210-235.

Toh, G. (2015). ‘A Tale of Two Programs’: Interrogating ‘open(closed)ness’ and ‘cultural diversity’ through critical observations of two Japanese University English language programs. Policy Futures in Education, 13(7), 900-916.

Toh, G. (2014). English for content instruction in a Japanese higher education setting: Examining challenges, contradictions and anomalies. Language and Education, 28(4), 299-318.