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Ahn Hyejeong

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Office:           HSS-02-07

Telephone:   6790 5440

E-mail:           hjahn@ntu.edu.sg




Dr. Hyejeong Ahn joined NTU’s Language and Communication Centre as a lecturer in 2015. She completed her PhD in Applied Linguistics from Monash University in Australia, after studying for her M.A. in TESOL education and B.A. in Primary School education at the University of South Australia. She is a highly qualified professional with many years of experience in teaching and training. Her teaching experience spans from teaching English writing skills for academic purposes, English as an International Language, and intercultural communication skills in professional and academic contexts.

Her research area specialises in the field of the educational linguistics with a clear focus on teaching English as an International Language (EIL) and World Englishes. The basis of her publications rests on an evaluation of teachers’ awareness of and attitudes towards the inherently evolving pluricentric nature of English. She has argued for developing teacher training courses which inform the current socio and linguistic landscape of English and a reassessment of the notion of what types of English competency are valid in the era of globalization where English is a means of intercultural communication.

Selected publications

Ahn, Hyejeong. 2015. Awareness of and attitudes to Asian Englishes: A study of English teachers in South Korea. Asian Englishes 17(2). 132-151.

Ahn, Hyejeong. 2015. Assessing proficiency in the National English Ability Test (NEAT) in South Korea. English Today 31(1). 34-42.

Ahn, Hyejeong. 2014. English teachers’ attitudes towards Korean English in South Korea. World Englishes 33(2). 195-222.

Ahn, Hyejeong. 2013. English policy in South Korea: A role in attaining global competitiveness or a vehicle of social mobility? Journal of English as an International Language 8(1). 1-20.

Ahn, Hyejeong. 2012. Teaching writing skills based on a genre approach to L2 primary school: Action research. English Language Teaching 5(2). 2-16. ​