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Leong Ping, Alvin

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Senior Lecturer

Office:           HSS-02-03

Telephone:   6592 7565

E-mail:           alvin.leong@ntu.edu.sg​




Dr Leong joined the Language & Communication Centre as a Lecturer in 2009. He taught for seven years at the National Institute of Education, and for a year at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained his Ph.D. from NUS in 2001, with a specialization in systemic functional grammar. He is presently the coordinator of the postgraduate writing course. Dr Leong has research interests in systemic functional grammar, discourse analysis, and literacy studies. He is the author of Theme and ​Rheme (Peter Lang, 2004) and a co-editor of Transforming Literacies and Language (Continuum, 2011). He has also published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Selected publications

Leong, Alvin Ping. 2014. The passive voice in scientific writing. The current norm in science journals. Journal of Science Communication 13(1). A03.

Leong, Alvin Ping. 2013. Thinking critically: A look at students’ critiques of a research article. Higher Education Research & Development 32(4). 575–589.

Leong, Alvin Ping (ed.). 2011. Transforming literacies and language: Multimodality and literacy in the new media age (with Caroline Mei Lin Ho & Kate T. Anderson). London: Continuum.

Leong, Alvin Ping. 2005. Talking themes: The thematic structure of talk. Discourse Studies 7(6). 701–732.

Leong, Alvin Ping. 2004. Theme and rheme: An alternative account. Bern: Peter Lang.