About Us


Professor Kingsley Bolton
Professor of English Linguistics
Language and Communication Centre


The English language is the lingua franca of higher education, academic research and publications from North America to Europe to Asia, and throughout almost all regions of the world today. It is also the shared international language of science, technology, international communications and much else. Strong communicative abilities are necessary for all graduates in today’s competitive workplace, so much so that the University has recently identified ‘communication’ as a key attribute of its ideal graduates.

The Language and Communication Centre plays a key role in providing communication programmes for students across disciplines at NTU, with particular reference to students from Engineering, Science, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our courses are intended to be of direct relevance to the key disciplines of the University as well as students’ future careers. A number of the courses focus on general academic literacy, whereas others set out to provide discipline-specific communication training. Such courses currently include GER-Core courses on communication skills and academic writing, as well as a range of discipline-specific courses tailored to the needs of individual Colleges and Schools. Currently the Centre is expanding its research agenda, with the aim of becoming a leading centre in Singapore and across Asia for the teaching of tertiary-level communication skills as well as research on English as an academic language in higher education.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​