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Welcome to NTU’s Language and Communication Centre (LCC). Our experienced faculty teaches academic writing and communication in the disciplines of engineering, science, humanities, arts, and social sciences. We offer undergraduates writing and communication courses that challenge them to analyze texts, develop compelling research questions, and connect multiple sources to situate their own arguments within the conversations of published thinkers. Additionally, the Centre provides academic writing courses for the Graduate College, where students are encouraged to practice academic conventions, provide peer feedback, and begin professionalization. Regardless of the level of the course, LCC instructors ask students to listen closely to texts, to analyze rhetoric, to be inquisitive, to cite ethically, to build on the ideas of others to clarify their own position and perspective, and to communicate clearly and effectively. 

LCC also serves the wider NTU community through its writing centre, the LCC Communication Cube, where students receive feedback from trained peer tutors on their writing, presentations, and speeches. The Communication Cube expands the Centre’s mission of improving the communication skills of students and helping them experience writing as a tool for learning. Our Communication Cube coaches promote the value of peer feedback, attention to audience, and academic integrity. 

In addition to the Centre’s significant teaching within NTU, LCC has a strong research agenda. Our faculty has published on topics such as the use of new media in language learning, the role of feedback in language education, language and social media, and the use of English as a lingua franca in higher education across Asia. To learn more about our faculty’s publications and courses, please explore the relevant webpages above or contact us directly. 

Dr. Angela Frattarola                                                                                                           

Director, Language and Communication Centre