LCC Communication Cube


Making appointments


You can check which Coaches are on duty at this link: Tentative Roster of Communication Coaches​

Tentative roster SMALL.jpg

However, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned the Coach you request to see.​


To book an appointment, please go to the LCC CommCube Booking System​

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You can book an appointment 4 days in advance.

You will NOT be allowed to see a Communication Coach if you are more than 10 minutes late. If you do not show up or are late for more than 3 appointments, you will not be allowed to book appointments for a period of up to 2 weeks.​

​​Procedures​ for face-to-face consultations

  1. Please report to the LCC Communication Cube (6th level of The Hive) 10 minutes early. Please wear a mask and be prepared to have your temperature taken. If your temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, you will not be allowed to see a Communication Coach.
  2. Please register with your matric card at the registration counter​. You will be asked to show that you have 2 hard copies of your document (if you need help with one) or a USB drive (if you need help with a presentation).  Please note that there will only be time to review up to 5 double-spaced pages of text and up to 20 slides for each session.
  3. You should also have with you any assignment instructions and a list of your key concerns.

 Procedures​ for online consultations

  1. Please book an online consultation slot at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.
  2. Please email your document (if you need help with one) with any assignment instructions and a list of your key concerns, or a conversation topic if you want to practise your speaking skills, and your slot details (datetime) to​ at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.  You can send up to 10 double-spaced pages of text or 30 slides.
  3. When you have sent the email, you will receive a reply at least 10 minutes before your consultation begins with a link you need to click on for the online consultation. You can share the link with partners/group mates.
  4. Please show your face (please turn on your computer camera) and matric card/photo ID at the start of the consultation to verify your identity.​​

How many slots can you book?

You can book 1 slot a day during peak periods, and 2 a day during off-peak periods. Each slot lasts 45 minutes.

What can you expect from Coaches?

Coaches offer feedback and advice on written and oral assignments and communication tasks. They do NOT provide an editing or proofreading service, and they do NOT comment on technical content.

Please come prepared to participate actively in a discussion about your assignment.

How many students can see a coach?

You can make a booking for a one-on-one consultation, or for a pair or group consultation. 

Each slot is meant for ONE assignment (in the case of written assignments, a single text), unless the assignment is very short. If you come in a pair or group, there should still be only ONE written text, not two or more individual texts for the same assignment.​

    What should you bring for the consultation?

  • Your matriculation card;

  • Your own hard/soft copy of your document or a USB drive for a presentation;

  • Assignment instructions, if any;

  • Relevant course material, if any; and

  • Any questions you may have about your writing or assignment