LCC Communication Cube


Location, Contact details


Operations at the physical venue of the LCC Communication​ Cube are suspend​ed until further notice. ​​​Online consultations ​​​will be offered instead​.​​​


​​​The LCC Communication Cube is located at Level 1 (6th storey) of the The Hive, the building next to the Nanyang Business School and the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences

To make your way to the Communication Cube,


 1.    take one of the lifts in The Hive to Level 1 (6th storey),

 2.    turn right towards the atrium as you walk out of the lift, and

 3.    then turn left when you face the atrium.


​Contact details ​
​Telephone ​​6908-1140, 6908-1139
​​​​Email ​​

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